Live at Porsche Centre Oakville
On Saturday, June 14, Porsche Centre Oakville opened its doors to hundreds of guests in celebration of an epic event: notably, Porsche’s return to the 24h of Le Mans car race. Over 500 people arrived throughout the day to take part in Le Mans-inspired activities and watch the world’s most anticipated sports car challenge, which was broadcast live on Porsche Centre Oakville’s massive digital screen. Porsche Centre Oakville stayed open for the race’s full 24-hour duration and below is a summary of this exciting event’s elements:
Trailer Design
In February 2014, Porsche Centre Oakville designed and created the following trailer, promoting the 24h of Le Mans event.
PROS Collateral
To support Porsche and the 24h of Le Mans race in every way possible, Porsche Centre Oakville purchased the following items that were installed throughout the state-of-the-art facility.
911 GT3 RS
A particular highlight of the event was the legendary customization of a Porsche 2010 997 GT3 RS into a Le Mans-inspired racecar. A custom-designed wrap was created and used to envelop the complete exterior of the vehicle. Many interior items were also upgraded, from the addition of a red Porsche roll cage to high performance racing seats. The transformation began at 9:00am on Saturday, June 14 and the completed vehicle was unveiled at 9:00am on Sunday, June 15 – during the exciting twenty-fourth and final hour of the 24h of Le Mans

T-Shirt Designs
Porsche Centre Oakville created the following T-shirts and handed them out to every guest who attended the 24h of Le Mans LIVE at Porsche Centre Oakville.
Email Invitation
The following email invitation was sent to Porsche Centre Oakville’s entire customer base. Porsche’s Event Wizard was integrated into the email, enabling guests to accept their invitation and register for the specific activities in which they were interested.
Summary Videos
The following video summarizes all elements of the 24h of Le Mans LIVE event at Porsche Centre Oakville:
All guests who attended the event received a lanyard and questionnaire, which contained five Le Mans-focused questions. Those who answered all five questions correctly were entered into a draw to win a 2015 Camp4 experience. The following video demonstrates the selection of the Camp4 winner: